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Maxify is a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments and innovative product development.

We take on no more than 25 companies at a time, and our selection process focuses on the potential to revolutionize existing industries – or create new ones altogether.

Start-ups in the Maxify portfolio gain access to the extensive expertise within the Maxify team, ensuring rapid and successful growth into their next phase.

Our portfolio companies

A selection of current Maxify investments

Hero Gaming was founded in 2013 by Georg Westin, with the idea that casino gaming could be more fun and engaging by combining it with features found in non-gambling games.

Urbane is the app where you go to find the right local services. Discover and book hair dressers, beauty treatments, massage therapists and workouts, easier than ever before.

Democratic Gallery is dedicated to connecting the new generation of photographers with the people who are growing up with Instagram, making it affordable to buy and profitable to sell printed photography.

Interior design on-demand. Hemset saves time and energy with its smooth and fun platform, pairing professional designers with those looking to upgrade the space around them. Fast, affordable, and full-service.

Starke produces electrically assisted cargo vehicles for climate-friendly last mile deliveries. Starke Cycles are rugged, efficient and compatible with existing logistic infrastructure.

A mobile application for healthcare professionals to help communicate with their patients, sending messages, sharing knowledge, and preparing patients for their appointments.

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